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Whether you are a patient, a friend or relative of a patient, or a health care professional, membership in the National Fibromyalgia Partnership, Inc. (NFP) is a great way for you to stay informed about new findings re: fibromyalgia treatment and research. You can be assured of getting reliable and accurate information. NFP staff carefully track newly reported medical research and monitor health news.

Membership also provides you with a steady supply of resource information which can help improve your quality of life and allow you to become a better health care consumer. Learn about organizations which provide useful services for people with fibromyalgia; find out how to save money on medications and other health products; learn what’s useful on the internet (and what’s not!).

When you become a member of the National Fibromyalgia Partnership, Inc., you receive:

  • A "New Member Packet" containing valuable resource information on fibromyalgia.
  • A one-year subscription to the NFP’s popular quarterly newsletter, Fibromyalgia Frontiers. This publication is widely respected for its medically accurate and up-to-date material. The publication contains news, research/treatment updates, resource information, articles by leading medical professionals in the field of fibromyalgia and related conditions, announcements of conferences and seminars nationwide, and more.

Note: All membership information is kept strictly confidential and is never sold, leased, or given out to any commercial enterprise or other third party.

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